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What Affects Wedding Band Costs?

What Affects Wedding Band Costs?

Looking into booking some quality live entertainment for your upcoming wedding day?

You may have found yourself stumbling across a number of different live wedding bands for hire with one distinctive variation – the price!

Every band will charge a different price due to the varying attributes each band can offer, whether that’s reflected in the number of band members, the quality of their performances or various other elements that are commonly overlooked.

Look at our simple guide below that show the 6 most fundamental variations that will affect the price a wedding band for hire will charge.

Size and type of band

Think of any style or type of live entertainment and we can guarantee you’ll find one out there. From 3-piece cover bands, to 7-piece funk and motown bands, right through to a 15-piece ‘Big Band’ with soul singer and 20-piece choirs or orchestras. Primarily, the first factor that will affect the cost of hiring a live band will be determined by how many members they have. They all have to earn a living you know! Along with this, you may end up paying more for a band that specialise in a particular area, like Tribute bands for example, where they frequent attention to detail with costumes and light shows.


The location of your wedding venue in relevance to the bands’ residence will be a major factor in price, as they’ll need to account for travel expenses and the time it takes to travel from one destination to another. You’ll pay less for a more local band than a band that has to travel for 2 hours to reach your location.

Set Up Time

This is a factor that many people oversee when planning weddings and can become a tricky situation if it has been ignored. Unfortunately, live bands do not just appear with the flash of a light; they have to load in their equipment, set up and sound check, and this motion can take up to 1 ½ hours. The problem is, if you are having a wedding where your ceremony is in the same room as your reception, you’ll not want the band to interrupt the flow of the day by coming in a couple of hours before their performance and setting up. In such cases you’ll need the band to arrive in the morning and set up their equipment before your guests arrive. Regrettably this arrangement will cost more, as you will be paying for the band members’ time whilst they hang about backstage or in the local area for the day until their performance time. However, you will not be sacrificing your wedding day atmosphere, so I guess it’s all worth it right?

Length of set

Live wedding bands are generally very flexible with their set times and will perform for any reasonable length that you wish them to. This one is easy – the longer you want the band to perform, the more they will charge you for their services.

Additional disco music

Most live wedding bands for hire also provide a disco service, whereby in the time frames that they are not performing, they’ll play music from a CD or digital playlist through their PA system. This allows for a smooth running of atmospheric music to compliment your entire day/evening and you can even submit your own choice of songs for playback, but will evidently be a factor of cost, as a band member will have to man the PA system and musical device.

Specific Repertoire requests

Some wedding bands for hire offer the option for you to request a number of songs for them to learn for your big day, such as the first dance or a particular favourite. In this instance, the band will generally charge you for the rehearsal time they spend learning your chosen tracks. But, a small price to pay for a completely bespoke service don’t you think?

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