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Wedding Party Dancing – Call In A Ceilidh Band!

Wedding Party Dancing – Call In A Ceilidh Band!

What’s the one thing you want to achieve at your evening wedding reception? Yup, getting everybody on that dance floor!

As you may have unfortunately experienced, not all weddings succeed in this accolade – and the reason? Music, my friends. Music.

It is solely down to your choice of music/band that will hold the responsibility of pulling people up for a boogie, building the desired atmosphere for your event and creating some lasting memories. Big responsibility eh?!

So, if you like dancing, and LOVE the thought of everyone dancing together, it sounds like you should look into getting a Ceilidh band for hire!

Ceilidh simply means a social gathering involving music and dancing. The dances are a cross between traditional folk dancing, line dancing and a barn dance – and a real hoot as it’s you and your guests doing the dances, regardless of experience, age and competence!

At the heart of every ceilidh is the ceilidh band, which can range from small or large, traditional or modern – either way the band features a ‘caller’ – a person or musician that ‘calls’ the dances and teaches the guests the various steps and then shouts them out during the dance. Of course, this sounds like chaotic mayhem; yes, people do forget the moves, people forget to listen, or people have too much tipple (making it all the more entertaining!), but as the evening evolves everyone get’s the hang of it and all too soon your wedding venue is filled with bouncing guests.

See some videos below to get an idea of how a Ceilidh band enhances your wedding party:

So what can you expect when you hire a ceilidh band for your wedding party? Well, the band can play a traditional ceilidh first dance if you wish, or you can simply opt to play your own choice from an iPod or something similar, then the band will start to ease your guests onto the dance floor with a few simple dances.

The caller generally gets onto the dance floor with you all to run through all the steps and arrange your guests into formation. The band will play the dance track slowly at first, allowing you to find your feet through the steps, then when you are ready, the caller will make their way back up on the stage, the music will play at full speed, and you and your guests can experience the real fun of the Ceilidh. There are many ceilidh dances that your band may choose for you – some examples include Strip The Willow, Riverside, La Rouse, The Oxo Reel and The Big Set Mixer – and you can have the band perform anywhere between 1 hour and 4 hours (with a break), have it as the main focus of the evening, or simply as an entertainment section for your evening.

The benefits of having a Ceilidh wedding party are plentiful! The dance encourages everyone (yes even Great-Aunt Mildred) to get involved, and for those who do not know each other, the dancing cuts the chit-chat and small talk and instead propels your guests into laughter and a unified fun experience. You also get to burn off those wedding breakfast calories as the ceilidh dances are a great workout!

What’s not to love?

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