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Wedding Music – What’s To Know?

Wedding Music – What’s To Know?

It’s an exciting journey as you prepare to declare ‘I do’, but boy, there’s a whole load of decisions to make right?

Well, let us unscramble that brain on the music front; here is your comprehensive guide to wedding music:

What Do I Need Music For?

Ever been to a great party or event where there wasn’t music? No, thought not! Music is just the most magnificent ingredient in a wedding day, the cherry on the top if you will, and acts to not only help set the tone and atmosphere of your wedding ceremony, but can unite your guests in a ‘dad-dancing’ frenzy on dance floor, bringing those that do not know each other well together when screaming out the words of a well-known song.

So, where does music come into play on the day?

Most commonly there are 5 sections of your big day that need music.

Walking Down The Aisle

In our modern day of civil partnerships and dancing down the aisle, we’ve strayed a long way from Mendelssohn’s Wedding March, but depending on your venue the sky’s the limit when it comes to picking a poignant song to walk you to your future spouse.

Signing The Registry

Once you’ve declared your vows it will be time to sit and legally bind your marriage in the signing of the registry, and at this point you need 2-3 songs to play quietly in the background.

Walking Up The Aisle

You’ve done it! You’re married! Now it’s time to walk out as husband and wife to a cheery track!

During Wedding Breakfast

Whilst you and your guests tuck in to some good ol’ grub, some couples choose to have music playing quietly in the background, again setting the tone of the event.

Evening Entertainment

The formalities are over! Now it’s time to P.A.R.T.Y!!! Your evening music is the main focus for the evening, so choose wisely my friends!

Now you know where you have to cater for music, but what music options are there for you?

For day music options, you may think that using a CD player is your only option. You are wrong!

Day Music

– Pianists (get classy with a virtuoso pianist playing either classical or modified tracks)
– Classical guitarist (experience beautiful tones from a nylon string guitar
– Harpists (you can’t get much better than that, right?)
– Acoustic (whether it’s solo or duo, acoustic acts are the perfect decibel level to provide quality entertainment at any point throughout your wedding day)
– Choirs/ singing groups (gospel, barbershop, chamber choirs or even the backstreet boys!)
– Solo artists (vocalists that perform with backing tracks)
– Bagpipes (for a real Scottish feel)

– CD player (ultimately the cheapest and versatile option….but somewhat boring!)

Evening Music

There really is nothing quite like live music, so to hire a band can really set your night apart from those other weddings you’ve been to. There is a HUGE array of styles when it comes to live music, below are just a few examples:

– Cover’s band (for a variety of well known tracks)
– Tribute band (for the ultimate tribute to your favourite musician or band)
– Soul/motown/funk/disco band (for some serious dancing, back in the ‘good old days’)
– Themed bands (70’s glam, 80’s pop, barn dance and ceilidh bands etc)
– Jazz bands (for some class and maybe a little bit of lindy hop)
– Bandaoke bands (like a karaoke just with the band. Awesome!)
– Salsa, latin or world bands (for a taste of culture and hip swinging!)
– Steel drum band (bring the Caribbean into your venue!)
– Cultural bands (Mariachi, Bollywood etc)
– DJ (go electro with an unlimited choice of tracks and styles)

When you know what style tickles your fancy, it’s time to go shopping for the music that can really enhance your magical wedding day.

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