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Transform Your Favourite Songs Into Works Of Art With A String Quartet

Transform Your Favourite Songs Into works Of Art With A String Quartet

Like most, you’ll probably associate a string quartet with performances of classical masterpieces by great composers such as Mendelssohn or Beethoven.

This is true in a lot of cases, but these days string quartets are branching out, becoming more dynamic and rocking out. Suited best for weddings and high class functions, string quartets really inject a sense of elegance and sophistication into the air, with the luscious tones of the strings and the rich harmonies of the two violins, viola and cello together. And now with a more varied approach to their repertoire a string quartet can propel themselves from background music to front row entertainment and even humour in some cases.

So, if you were thinking that string quartets stick to the genre of classical, then think again my friend, and watch below for a number of great examples of how a string quartet can arrange your favourite songs into a work of art.

This cover of Beyonce’s “Halo” is a beautiful adaptation of the original and one suited for formal occasions and romantic for weddings. The ballad style is in-keeping with the expected style of a string quartet, yet pleases the ear with modern familiarity.

Those who love their rock will love this cover of “Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin. This stylistic approach offers a more up-beat performance and one that’ll certainly draw the attention of your guests.

This is a fantastic and intricate tribute performance of Michael Jackson. Pop song arrangements made in this manner really show off the musicianship of the string players whilst also entertaining your attendees to the highest possible level.

Even the most difficult of covers can be entertained by a string quartet, as we hear here with a performance of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”. This is sure to put some smiles on faces!

Moving onto the pop princess Katy Perry – but what an absolutely gorgeous arrangement here of the song “Unconditionally”. Imagine this as you walk down the aisle to be wed!

Showing that any style of music can be covered, here is a fantastic cover of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” – who thought it could be done, hey?!

If you’re a fan of the 80’s and never imagined you could have your favourite classics belted out with some class, then think again!

Now for some variations of string groups – duos, trios and amplified stringed instruments playing alongside backing tracks! Feast your eyes and ears on these beauties!

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