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New website launch

The entertainment industry is evolving rapidly and there is a need for music professionals to work in different ways post Covid-19. Since we took over the business we have been working with the industry to better understand our core values and those things that make us who we are. We believe we are a different kind of music agency, one with the knowledge and skills needed to deliver successful events.

We know that making the website better than before is not simply about giving it a new design, but understanding what you as the artist need. We did this by looking at what you said you expect from the website, analysing numerous analytics and carrying out focus groups.

We first launched the website in beta so we could get some feedback – visitors were prompted to take part in a survey when visiting the website. The feedback helped us to see how we’ve done and where we could make more improvements, before the new website went live.

What’s in the new website?

The new website boasts a clean design and intuitive and consistent site-wide navigation to help you find your way around with ease. It is also fully responsive with mobile devices, making it easy to navigate on a wide range of web browsers and devices. It also has a fully automated system once a booking takes place, to make sure both sides of the contract are getting contact pre and post gig.

What happens next?

We will continue to develop and improve the website, now we need your help to improve.  We listen to feedback (not from your amp) and would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

If you are a band currently listed on the website and need to advise of the bands demise please reply letting us know. If you need to send new content please use WeTransfer to or send cloud links to your promo material.

The once we have everything updated and we can start booking gigs again, once Covid-19 is under some sort of control, then we are ready to smash it and really get in first with the enquirers once they start coming in.

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