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To secure a booking we enter a legally binding contract and ask for a small security deposit. By signing a contract comprising of all the necessary details and arrangements of the booking, it eliminates any risk of wrong-doings, mistakes and no-shows and protects both you, the client and the musicians.

If you need to make any changes to your booking, simply get in touch with your Band Hire UK coordinator via phone or email and discuss and amend any changes. It is important that any changes made to your booking are reflected on your contract, so in this instance we’ll re-issue an updated version ensuring security of your booking and requirements.

Unfortunately, there are very rare occasions where bookings are cancelled – and because a band has reserved that date in their diary, and may not be able to recoup the revenue lost, you may be liable for a cancellation fee. This cancellation fee is determined by the date of cancellation in line with the date of the event, outlined in our terms and conditions.

However, in some conditions, a cancellation may be made and incur no additional charges, except the loss of the booking deposit.

In most cases this is not possible. Most of the busiest and established working bands perform at private functions that are not open to the public, such as weddings and corporate events. However, there are occasions where our bands will perform at showcasing events, plus some bands are happy for you to attend a rehearsal if it gives you more peace of mind about booking them. To compensate for this, we have a detailed array of information about each band on their profiles, including audio clips, live videos as well as studio recordings to help you hear exactly what you are paying for.

You can pay your deposit by card, BACS or internet transfer. The remainder of the payment is generally made payable directly to the band on the day of the performance, unless otherwise arranged via contract.

A great and experienced function band can cost anything from £600 up to £2,500. Typically, the more members in the band, the more expensive it will be as there are more people to pay! However, some smaller established and popular acts do charge a higher fee if they are strongly in demand. Other aspects that may vary prices include: Distance and travel expenses, bespoke disco music in between and after performance sets, how in demand the band are, length of performance and accommodation requirements. Each band on our roster has an indication of their price on their profile page.

Band Specific Questions

An average load in/set up/sound check for a band can take anywhere from 60 – 90 minutes, but this wholly depends on the access to the venue and any parking restraints. Obviously, if the band has to park over 100ft away then wheel their gear up a set of stairs you will certainly have to allow for additional set-up times. Also, these time allowances may vary depending on the size of the band – a 3-piece cover band will set-up far quicker than a 6-piece funk band.

This initial set-up and sound check time is essential and non-negotiable as it allows the band to connect their equipment efficiently, set up their light show and adjust their sound to the ambience of the venue (as well as clearing up any empty cases and boxes), ensuring that their performance will look and sound top notch for you.

Generally speaking, you must allow at least 1 x 1 metre per musician, but ideally 1.5 x 1.5 metre is preferable, allowing the band members to move and interact with your guests. For a full band set up (for a 4-piece band for example) you should allow 4 x 3 metres of stage space. For larger acts you can either add more depth or width, depending on the space you have available at your venue.

When you come to book your ideal band, space requirements can be finalised depending on the individual band specifics, allowing you to finely tune your planning and arrangements.

Typically, a band performs two 1 hour sets or three 45 minute sets, however most bands can tailor their performance to your requirements. As long as band members get their well deserved break time, they will be happy to perform for any reasonable amount of time desired. Performance lengths will also depend on your venue restrictions and event type: Some venues have a music licence until midnight, whereas more residential venues may have to stop their music at 11pm. This can be determined by communicating directly with your band of choice.

Although this circumstance is very rare indeed, it cannot be ruled out. Your musicians are human beings after all! Firstly, your event will not be without entertainment – Band Hire UK will utilize their contacts and experience and set you up with emergency cover from our network of artists to ensure you have great live entertainment for your function. The band that cancelled will have to provide full evidence of absence (doctor’s note, breakdown report etc) and any financial compensation will be resolved.

Most bands require at least 2-3 independent 13 amp sockets; however this will vary depending on the size of the band and sound system. Our bands, once booked, will contact the venue directly on your behalf to discuss any space/power specifics to make sure there will be no problems on the day.

Yes, most of our bands will happily supply music via digital device played through the P.A. system between sets. If you would like any particular songs/genres or provide your own playlist, you can discuss this with the band.

Most bands are open to personalisation of their set list; however you cannot expect a band to learn 24 new songs for your event and will prefer that you select songs from their current repertoire, which the band will then structure into a workable order. The band will have to consider many variables of song order to make sure the evening energy flows smoothly.

In most cases, yes. The band will need at least 2 months notice to perfect a new track. However if the band feel they will never play this track again they may charge a fee to cover rehearsal time and the rehearsal room hire.

A public address system (P.A. system) is an electronic amplification system used to reinforce a sound source. Most P.A. systems comprise of a mixing desk, an amplifier, P.A. speakers and microphones. For larger venues, a band will generally use 2 P.A. systems, consisting of the main ‘front of house’ system and a ‘monitor’ system. The front of house system provides the amplified sound for the audience typically using a number of powerful amplifiers driving a range of speakers. The monitor system is for the musicians where wedge type speakers direct a reproduced sound of the performance to each musician, allowing them to hear the instruments and vocals.

Yes. All of our artists are completely self-contained with PAT tested musical equipment and stage lighting. Some larger venues already have an in-house P.A. system and sound engineer provided, in which case the band will just need to provide a technical specification list what they will be bringing with them, so the in-house team can cater for them.

Yes you can, but your choices may be more limited. Noise limiters are tricky things, and whilst they are installed for a good reason (to control noise levels in residential areas) it can certainly spoil the fun! Simply put, most noise levels are set between 90-100 dB (Decibels) and a standard drum kit can reach over 100 dB on its own. Having a noise limiter in your venue means you will either have to opt for a ‘quieter’ band or ask them to adjust their sound (the drummer will have to pad down the kit and use hot-rod sticks).

In addition, sometimes, regardless of the limiter level, some bands will not work with them in any capacity. Because noise limiters cut the power supply to the performance area when the dB level is breached, this poses a massive risk of the performer’s expensive electrical equipment being damaged.

Always find out as much as you can about your venue before booking your entertainment.

About Band Hire UK

Band Hire UK offers a tailored service to its customers whilst keeping it simple. Run by a team of experienced musicians and event organisers, Band Hire UK has the knowledge and experience to ensure you get the right guidance to find the ideal entertainment for your event. We are also on hand to make sure nothing goes wrong and offer a safe, secure and concise booking system that will ensure that the day of the performance runs exactly to your plan.

Band Hire UK employ a comprehensive application system whereby we vet any potential bands or artists of their musicianship and performance standards and ethics. If an entertainment provider is not up to our standards, we simply do not add them to our roster. We also ask for feedback and testimonials from every booking a performer plays through Band Hire UK to ensure they have a detailed record of past performances and satisfied clients.

Fortunately, this is a rare question. However, should you need to talk to us about any complaints we will deal with this sensitively and thoroughly. If you have a complaint about a band you can discuss the matter with your Band Hire UK coordinator, who will formally declare a complaint against the band in question and generally mediate between yourself and the band until a satisfactory outcome has been achieved.

If you have a complaint against BandHire UK you can contact ???? Whose details can be found ‘here’.

When you see a band on BandHire UK you can rest assured that they have been heavily vetted for your satisfaction. We have a strict application system, ensuring that we only allow the most competent of musicians and those who can perform at the highest levels. We also make sure that our bands have first class working ethics, are reliable and super professional.

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