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Hiring A Party DJ

Everything You Need To Know About Hiring A Party DJ

Hiring a quality DJ for your big event isn’t always as easy as it seems.

Whilst there are thousands of people offering these services you will need to choose the right person for your party who will have the skills, experience and the personality to pack the dance floor.

Simply put, there is nothing worse than a disc jockey that loves the sound of his own voice, cannot read a crowd with a good flow of music and does not engage with that crowd in any shape or form. Plain awkwardness!

So what features do we expect when looking for top quality DJ services?


Nowadays, nobody will pay for any type of service before doing a little research about them. In order to give you a full idea of the service you can expect before enquiring, make sure you look at all the available information about that particular service; web/social media sites, previous performance venues, testimonials and reviews, pictures of equipment and lights, a list of song collections, prices and contract policies etc.


It’s always great to give someone a chance when they enter into a new venture, but if the success of your party is riding the entertainment then it may not be worth cutting corners. A DJ with experience is priceless, as they should know the ins and outs of ensuring a triumphant and memorable event. They should be professional and know how to read the demographics of a crowd, and deliver the right type of music accordingly, keeping the flow of dance-floor energy going all night. And let’s face it, they wouldn’t still be in the business after all these years if they haven’t built up a solid reputation for their ability.


Being a DJ is not for the quiet for unconfident; they should be able to deliver a strong and often humorous narrative to the evening and prompt any messages or scheduled occurrences with confidence and clarity. By meeting the DJ face to face you will be able to get a clear idea of their personality, bringing you closer to your decision.


Music is a wonderful thing; but played through dodgy or out of date systems can ruin the experience, so always check the type of equipment a disc jockey uses and that it’s PAT tested. You should also make sure they have some form of show lighting to set the mood for your party – most DJ’s own their own light systems, but it’s always worth checking first in case they do not, leaving you with a room of full lighting and no party ambience. By checking their equipment you can also ascertain the amount of space they will need in your venue of choice, and in turn ready this for the arrival of your chosen DJ.


Communication is key in most aspects of our daily living, especially when it comes to paying for services and business transactions. Discuss the length of time you want to hire the DJ for (remembering that they will need an hour or so before and after the show to set up/pack down) and agree a price (in writing!) accordingly. Also, talk about any specific types or genres of music you want for your party, and make sure they have an extensive repertoire of your favourite tracks to allow for requests on the night.

With the right research and knowing the right questions to ask, you will be able to find the perfect DJ for hire to provide your party entertainment, and have piece of mind allowing you to sit back and enjoy your evening.

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