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The Kitty Show

The Kitty Show is unlike anything you have seen before. With theatrical vocals and stunning visuals, this rock and pop extravaganza will have people talking for years to come!

With a huge social media following of over 130,000 dedicated “Kitty Divas”, the show brings to life well known songs like never before, with edgy mashups and an electric atmosphere.

Mixing up genres, the Kitty show is a new take on classic hits, with dancers and a live guitarist that will blow all music fans away!

Imagine metal versions of Poker Face, or how about the haunting anthemic sound of Hotel California with Moonlight Sonata. From the raunchy camp of Rhianna, to the uplifting tones of Sia, from the soulful Amy Winehouse to the edgy rock of the Killers, The Kitty Show takes you on a musical journey, reinventing what cover shows are all about.

With tours in over 13 different countries, from arena tours in the UK to megaclubs in China, book now to secure your date!

The Kitty Show brings you a fresh new show of Broadway and swing hits – from the 1920’s to the present day. With an unique take on this popular genre, this is something that will get your audience talking!

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Mention “Kitty” to anyone, and they will instantly know you are talking about. Kitty became a household name in a few short months rising to fame in 2011 when she became a finalist on the eighth season of ‘The X Factor’ in the UK. Kitty captivated audiences with her outstanding theatrical performances, setting a new standard in scale and quality of production, and setting a precedent for all others to follow.

Kitty has always enjoyed singing and performing from an early age, studying the violin and piano and touring internationally since she was 16. She has built up a devoted and strong fan-base to rival many established artists and is ready to take on the world in 2016.

Since being on the show, she has been utilising her time in between live gigs to write enough material “for two albums at least!” and she has gained huge public and celebrity support, including Lady Gaga, Brian May, Kylie Minogue and many more, going from strength to strength, selling out shows across the country. Her style can be described as Broadway meets Muse meets “every dance record you’ve ever listened to”, and has a strong and loyal fan-base who call themselves “Kitty’s Divas”.

Kitty is much more than just a performer. She writes and co-produces many of her songs, as well as having full input on her live shows, from designing video visuals, choreography, costumes, and live remixes.

Kitty has been performing throughout the UK, Europe and even as far as China, giving all fans a chance to see her perform live, and increasing her online fan-base to over 150,000 followers.

In January 2013 she took her Glamour and Damage Tour to Asia, gaining international credibility and support, following this up with a headlining national Pride tour. She then released a club track in Germany entitled “No Tomorrow”, with a stunning video that showcases her unique style.

Following up with some fantastic sessions in the studio – she released a brand new track online called Chains which garnered a lot of interest from major online blogs, even with a mention from Brian May of Queen. Digital Spy and Maximum Pop called the track “striking”.

Her single Glitter in the Sky, released in 2014 alongside her debut album “Glamour and Damage” reached #9 in the UK Indie Charts and she is currently working on her second album with a live orchestra at Abbey Road.


Her live show comes solo, with backing dancers or with a 3 or 4 piece live band.

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