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The Festival Pack

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This 5 piece acoustic roaming band combines two acoustic guitars, percussion, saxophone, double bass and numerous vocal harmonies to offer a fresh delivery of live music arrangements with a warm feel-good twist once described as ‘Mumford & Sons’ meets ‘The Lumineers’. The versatility and adaptability of The Festival Pack’ unplugged roaming sets, has made them an extremely popular choice and they now perform at a vast array of events including corporate events, private soirees, weddings and beyond each year.

Aside from their talent and showmanship, a huge selling point is their ability to perform whilst moving around your venue and interacting with your guests through tailor made mini-sets for each group they approach adding a personal touch to each performance. More enthusiastic guests may even find themselves playing some extra instruments with the band during one or two numbers.Available as a 3, 4 or 5 piece band!

The Festival Pack musicians have performed in countless function bands on stages worldwide, plus TV appearances, tours, and session work for major music label artists. After countless gigs within different bands, the lads decided to collate their musical skills and experience, and form one solid line-up to deliver powerful sets at every performance.

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