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From the depths of the Captain’s Attic, hidden in the Victorian underworld of 1888, came a band of artisans, villains and ne’er-do-wells.

Armed with strings, keys, a shovel and a time machine they journeyed to the 21st century.
Collectively, they became known as ~

The CEP. ‘The CogFathers of Steampunk’

This is their journey.

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8 people on a stage in beautiful clothes, with beautiful instruments playing beautiful, catchy and fun music. We have fun, we encourage audience participation, from singing along to joining in a march, and we hope our audience have fun. We make no apologies for you having our songs stuck in your head for days to come…

Our songs are many and varied. Some songs, like Seduction By Moonlight and Crystal Sunsets are just romantic, poetic lyrics set to suitably romantic music. Isambard Kingdom Brunel celebrates the life and works of one of the 19th Century’s most iconic engineers. Steampunk Marches Nos. 1 & 2 try to capture the spirit of Steampunk. Other songs, like Cheese (In Horto) are just fun ideas we played with.

Our style is born from the crossover inherent in our line up, and especially our songwriting team. The Rake is a poet and lyricist, fascinated by the beauty of classical music after years of Blues and Rock, while The Rose is effectively a ‘classical punk’, enjoying the freedom of the style to play with her classical training and understanding of musical theory to push boundaries and put an unorthodox twist on Victorian music, trying to challenge the listener with the familiar.

Set List

The Live Set

Steampunk March No1
The Sun Never Sets On The Empire
In Horto
Seduction by Moonlight
Isambard Kingdom Brunel
King Came A Calling
The Unfortunate Rake
Three Nonsense Poems
4 Broken Valves
The Rakes Lament
Steampunk MArch No2

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