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Social Hijinx

If your guests include both young and old you need entertainment that will engage them all. That’s when you want Social Hijinx. With an all male lineup, Social Hijinx are a very in demand act. Social Hijinx perform Rock, Indie and Pop songs from the 1950’s right up until the present day. Having such a wide-ranging set list gives a variety in the types of songs they can perform, and means they can cover the musical tastes of a mixed age range of guests.The band has an infectious personality that will engage your guests and help to build excitement throughout their performances.

What type of band can Social Hijinx offer? Social Hijinx can offer a fully self contained five piece band with their own sound and lighting equipment. They offer a bespoke service where we will provide you with songs that you want in the show.

Social Hijinx come with a great lighting show, designed to give outstanding effects in a variety of venues. Using the latest in ‘DMX’ technology, your dance floor will react to the music being performed and the dance floor comes alive with the lighting.And for the finest in audio quality,

Social Hijinx come with PA speakers with an impressive power that will accommodate most venue sizes. That means no matter what the venue, Social Hijinx will surround you and your audience in the ‘right kind’ of sound.

Why book a great band, if you can’t hear them properly? We’ve all been there; those gigs where you can’t quite hear what the vocalist is singing – or the events where every so often you hear screeching feedback from the microphones. We think that ruins the atmosphere and that you deserve better.

Social Hijinx perform using wireless leads and microphones which means that band can be out front and make sure the sound is mixed correctly and of high quality.

Have bespoke Production Needs?
If you have a particularly large venue, or bespoke Production Requirements, we will be able to tailor a bespoke solution for you.

Book this very in demand band now for the show of your life for the event of your life.

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