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Higher and Higher

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Higher and Higher came together with one mission – to make people dance. Early attempts to achieve this by throwing musical instruments at people’s feet eventually gave way to using those instruments to play a fine selection of Motown, soul, funk and pop. The latter approach has proved more successful and marginally less dangerous.

Salma: Vocals

Literally from the moment she was born, Salma discovered a talent for making noises by pushing air through her larynx. What started as an irritating predilection for screaming developed over the years into talking and eventually, singing. It is unknown how many people possess this skill for breathing and making noises at the same time.

Anthony: Drums

It’s a little-known fact that Anthony is the product of a CIA experiment that went wrong, and if he doesn’t continually bang sticks on things in a rhythmic fashion he’ll explode. Conveniently, he has channelled this into a penchant for drumming. If he stops for too long and you notice everyone looking nervous, now you know why.

Remy: Bass

In autumn, Remy’s arms go brown and fall off, so during the winter months he plays bass with a set of mechanical arms controlled by the movement of his eyes. Each spring when his arms grow back he gains a new finger, and the world gains a new sound. Unfortunately the sound is too intense for human ears to withstand, so he chops off the new finger and keeps it in a shoe box with the others.

Nikki: Sax

Nikki had never played sax until she appeared on ITV’s The Hypnotic World of Paul McKenna and, in a state of hypnosis, absolutely smashed the solo from Gerry Rafferty’s Baker Street, swiftly becoming a pre-YouTube viral sensation (a VHS of the show was passed around the neighbourhood). She still retains her hypnotically-induced talent, but if anyone says ‘Bob Holness’ three times in her presence she’ll instantly forget how to play.

Charlie: Trumpet

He might look tall, but Charlie is actually the shortest of Higher and Higher – an invisible plasma field emitted from the end of his trumpet refracts light to create the illusion of stature. He originally bought the instrument from a Peruvian shaman for vanity purposes only, but as luck would have it he turned out to be pretty damn good at playing the thing as well.

Colm: Guitar

If you google Colm’s full name, here’s the first thing that comes up: “Colm specialises in all aspects of commercial property, with particular experience in dealing, investment, management and landlord and tenant matters.” Fortunately, this is not our Colm. He is, in fact, a renowned serial killer.

A Few Words from the Band

One of the things we hear the most when we come off stage is that not only did people love the set, they also loved how much we looked like we were having a brilliant time. And we are! Not only do we get to play the music that we’re passionate about, we also get to be part of a room full of people hurling themselves around a dance floor – what could be more fun?!

We’re all lovers of soul music and we strive to stay true to that and create an authentic sound, which is what we think sets us apart from some other function bands.

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