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Exhilarating Latin, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian rhythms brought to you by a funky UK salsa band – vocals, horns, percussionists, available for weddings, parties, festivals and events private and corporate. Absolutely stunning.

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“Clave… To us the word goes beyond explanations and definitions. It means life, salsa, the food of our leisure time, the motion of intense rhythm, the emotion of 20,000 people simultaneously grooving to the natural sounds of life. It’s being played in beat, on key, on clave… It means to be on top of things, to be playing it right… Clave is history, it’s culture. African drums from far off places like Nigeria, Dahomey, and Ghana married the Spanish guitar to bring us clave. The seeds were planted in the Caribbean and now their grandchild is Salsa…” CLAVE MAGAZINE

Desplazamiento is a London-based Latin band bringing you a one-way ticket to the music of the Americas. The 11-piece lineup (2 vocalists, 3 percussionists, 4 brass, piano and bass) lends itself to an expansive BIG BAND sound without losing the dynamism and spark of a small group, and combines sensuous vocals, sophisticated horn lines and explosive percussion solos… With their vision to unite the rhythms of the Americas, their music is uplifting, inspiring and unifying, celebrating the diversity of cultures that arose out of the African Slave Trade, whilst focusing on the Cuban, Brazilian and globalized SALSA sounds which have become significant musical languages and forms of solidarity and cultural exchange among communities throughout the world.

Desplazamiento is not your regular salsa band… it’s a LATIN band, in the wider sense; freely mixing salsa with jazz, funk and contemporary popular music styles to create an explosive mix of sounds… it’s a BIG BAND by its very nature; equipped with all of the credentials to make for an exhilarating live outfit – engaging vocalists, a burning hot rhythm section and a big fat brass section… With their critically acclaimed fusion of rhythms, Desplazamiento is one of the most exciting new projects to emerge on the UK Latin scene today.

“Desplazamiento… The word has a universal meaning in many languages – it is all about dispersed peoples coming together, and the amazing musical fusions that this has created. Our sound has the spirit of salsa, but the swing of samba, and we combine these rhythms with jazz, funk and infusions of contemporary popular music styles from around the world – it is a real melting pot…” Rory (saxophonist and producer)

Desplazamiento provides the ULTIMATE catalyst for an engaging live outfit, delicately poised between its infectious appeal among a wide range of audiences yet technically sophisticated sensibility. The original compositions combine influences as diverse as South American pop, Spanish rumba, nu-Bossa, funk and reggaeton with a lyrical interplay between love, musical intoxication and images from the natural world. The arrangements themselves are pretty simple, containing flexible open platforms that allow the band to really stretch out and explore their musical territory, punctuated with unifying sections that bring the band into triumphant moments of tightness and togetherness. Desplazamiento has become a real VIBE band; analogous to a single, living breathing organism, yet free and open at the same time, lending itself to bursts of collective spontaneity – clapping in clave, improvised vocal refrains and onstage swaying. The combination of its expansive 11-piece lineup and its diverse influences from Latin American, mainstream popular and world rhythms render Desplazamiento truly a musical carnival…


Formed in Spring 2009, Desplazamiento are a group of musicians from a multitude of different backgrounds and walks of life brought together to play LATIN MUSIC. Their music celebrates the unity and diversity of rhythms that emerged out of the African migration and their dissemination throughout the Americas… they create, they blend, they transform, they transmit. Most importantly, they have come together with a common objective: to SHARE and to EMBRACE.

Desplazamiento has performed all over the UK, touring concert venues, events (private / corporate), festivals, weddings and parties. They have had fantastic reviews; from dancers both seasoned salseros and amateur amantes who have come to enjoy their experience, keeping them on their feet all night, aficionados of the music and general punters out for a great time. The buzz that they have created has been fantastic and the quality of the musicians in the band has drawn in considerably large audiences. Every show is like a new beginning, and they always succeed in creating that magical atmosphere. No matter how much the band develops from show to show, their fundamental aims remain the same: to share and to embrace. The band is a crossroads of musicians coming from different backgrounds, constantly returning with new gems and sparks of inspiration. Through these journeys they have not only learned about music, but they have learned about life… Salsa is rooted in the African trinity of love, food and religion (emotional, physical and spiritual fulfillment) and this is at the heart of their music.


Desplazamiento is a contemporary and versatile Latin band with a funky flavour, creating fantastic live entertainment for parties, weddings, events (private & corporate) and festivals. During their six years’ experience they have been continuously developing their own unique brand of high quality live entertainment in response to the requests of their agents and clients, by adding different musical elements to the large ensemble such as dance, DJ, jazz and string quartets and guest artists, and broadening their range of repertoire. Based in London UK, they are able to travel nationally and internationally if booked far enough in advance.

Desplazamiento is available in 7 different sizes, depending on the budget and venue capacity. There is built in flexibility depending on whether more vocals, percussion or brass are preferred.

2 x Vocalist
1 x Piano
1 x Bass
3 x Percussionist
4 x Brass (Trumpet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Trombone)
1 x Vocalist
1 x Piano
1 x Bass
3 x Percussionist OR 2 x Percussionist, 1 x Vocalist
4 x Brass (Trumpet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Trombone)

1 x Piano
1 x Bass
3 x Percussionist OR 2 x Percussionist, 1 x Vocalist
4 x Brass (Trumpet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Trombone)

2 x Vocalist
1 x Piano
1 x Bass
3 x Percussionist OR 2 x Percussionist, 1 x Trumpet
1 x Saxophonist (doubling flute + backing vocals)

1 x Vocalist
1 x Piano
1 x Bass
3 x Percussionist OR 2 x Percussionist, 1 x Trumpet OR 2 x Percussionist, 1 x Vocalist
1 x Saxophonist (doubling flute + backing vocals)


1 x Vocalist
1 x Piano OR 1 x Guitar
1 x Bass
2 x Percussionist
1 x Saxophonist (doubling flute + backing vocals)


1 x Vocalist
1 x Piano OR 1 x Guitar
1 x Bass
1 x Percussionist
1 x Saxophonist (doubling flute + backing vocals)

Looking for something smaller?

Look no further than Plaza Pequeña, the instant coffee alternative to Desplazamiento, available as a 2 – 4 piece lineup.

• 11 to 5-piece Latin band
• Playing a diverse range of styles
• Covering a comprehensive range of songs (traditional and contemporary) as well as playing original tunes
• Special request songs learned
• Starring some of the UK’s finest musicians from the best bands around, and featuring a variety of guest artists
• Boasting over 30 brilliant reviews from some of the UK’s top venues and clients
• Offering a flexible range of line-ups and instrumental combinations to suit the budget and requirements of the occasion
• Offering a flexible range of support acts to further enhance the occasion
• Providing its own instruments and backline
• Excellent value for money


Please note that the fees listed here are taken from the quick quotes guides, and are purely pessimistic:
• for the highest possible mileage per zone (inclusive of transport, subsistence and sound provision)
• for the shortest possible notice period

These are always listed initially to cover for all eventualities. Actual quotes will ALWAYS be lower. Please request a quotation.

To request a quotation, you only need to provide 1) event date, and 2) venue postcode. You will receive a list of quotes for all lineups, with breakdowns clearly delineating where further discounts can be made on specification. If in doubt, please just ask.

Please note that these are the full rates; discounts are available for early bird / advance bookings, depending on the notice period: the earlier you book, the more you save.

Set List


Ary Barrosso, Brasil
Caetano Veloso, Não Enche
Chico César, Mama África
Corduroy, Something in my Eye
Djavan, Flor De Lis
Jorge Ben, Mais Que Nada
Jorge Ben, Mais Que Nada: Revisited
Lanu feat. Christin Deralas, Shine
Seu Jorge, Carolina


Latin Fusion

Al Green, Let’s Stay Together
Alex Wilson, Fire Burns Below
Bacilos, Caraluna
Barry Manilow, Copacabana
Bellini, Samba De Janeiro
Bob Marley, Get Up Stand Up
Bolivar, Bingo Bango
Eagles, Hotel California
George Gershwin, Summertime
Gloria Estefan, ¡Si Señor!
Gloria Estefan, Santo
Jennifer Lopez, Ain’t it Funny
Maria Muldaur, Midnight at the Oasis
Mia, Do You Only Wanna Dance
Pablo Beltrán Ruiz, Sway
Pérez Prado, Mambo no. 5
Ricky Martin, La Bomba
Ricky Martin, Livin’ La Vida Loca
Santana, Primavera
Santana, Satellite
Santana, Smooth
Shakira / Wyclef Jean, Hips Don’t Lie
Shakira, Whenever, Wherever
The Champs, Tequila
Van Morrison, Moondance


Latin Jazz

Cal Tjader, Sabor
Chick Corea, Spain
Dizzy Gillespie, Manteca
Dizzy Gillespie, Night In Tunisia
Dizzy Gillespie, Tanga
Eden Ahbez, Nature Boy
Horace Silver, Nica’s Dream
Irakere, Boliviana
Jesús “Chucho” Valdes, Chucho
Jesús “Chucho” Valdes, Claudia
Juan Tizol, Caravan
Mario Bauzá, Mambo Inn
Michael Brecker, Song For Bilbao
Mongo Santamaria, Afro Blue
Paquito D’Rivera & Arturo Sandoval, Reunión
Ray Barretto, La Cuna
Sonny Rollins, St Thomas
Tito Puente, Linda Chicana
Tito Puente, Ran Kan Kan / Oye Como Va


Latin Originals

Desplazamiento, Conundrum
Desplazamiento, Golden Section
Desplazamiento, Lullaby (In Dying Light)
Desplazamiento, Místico
Desplazamiento, Moonlight
Desplazamiento, Move to the Music (Live to 100)
Desplazamiento, Sign of Love
Desplazamiento, Superstarlight
Desplazamiento, Time is Running Out



Celia Cruz & Oscar D’Leon, El Son De Celia Y Oscar
Celia Cruz, La Vida Es Un Carnival
Charanga Habañera, Gozando En La Habana
Gibson Brothers, Cuba
Issac Delgado, No Me Mires A Los Ojos
Jerry Rivera, Variaciones on a theme of ‘Amores Como El Nuestro’
Joan Baez, Gracias A La Vida
Jose Feliciano, Felice Navidad
Manzanita, Arranca
Marc Anthony, Palabras Del Alma
Marc Anthony, Valió La Pena
Oscar D’Leon, Pedro Navajas
Pete Rodríguez, I Like It (I Like It Like That)
Tito Puente, Déjame Soñar
Willie Colón, Aguanile



Afro-Cuban All-Stars, Habana Del Este
Buena Vista Social Club, Chan Chan
Buena Vista Social Club, Como Fue
Buena Vista Social Club, Dos Gardenias
Buena Vista Social Club, El Cuarto De Tula
Buena Vista Social Club, Silencio
Carlos Puebla, Hasta Siempre Comandante
Consuelo Velásquez, Besame Mucho
Guillermo Rodríguez, Bilongo
Israel “Cachao” Lopez, Cachao’s Guiro
Joseito Fernández, Guantanamera
Miguel Matamoros, Lágrimas Negras

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