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Corporate Events: Music Options

Corporate Events: Music Options

You’re throwing a lavish business event, maybe it’s your Christmas do, the annual summer celebration do, or….just a ‘do’.

While your attention may be on place settings, food and formalities, turn your attention to your entertainment, knowing that this is possibly one of the most important factors of making your event both successful and memorable. And remember – a corporate event is a direct reflection of the company hosting it.

There is an immense variety of music styles and genres available to hire, and they’ll always be something to suit the occasion, type of audience and the goals of the event. Music serves well in such occasions; it produces that relaxed background whilst your guest’s network, offering an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication, and it can provide the high octane dancing ambience for the evening.

In order to ensure successful corporate entertainment, first consider the following:

– Is your music for background entertainment or a main feature of your event? Or do you need both?

– Do you need to choose a particular style of music to fit in with your event?

– Is your event designed to entertain your guests, or to promote networking and business discussions?

– What is the age range of your guests?

– What is your budget?

Having considered these factors, you’ll be ready to begin your search for the ideal corporate entertainment act or band hire. Let’s look at some typical corporate event examples:

Corporate Event Scenario 1

It’s Christmas. You’ve invited your employees and clients to your business celebration to not only let their hair down, but to mingle and network with a formal dinner and evening entertainment. To welcome in your guests you have a choral group with pianist singing carols, providing your first big impression and enhancing the festive mood for the entire event. Through dinner, the pianist plays alone, keeping the festive-themed music loud enough to enjoy, but quiet enough to allow your guests to instigate conversation. After dinner you’ve selected a five-piece function band that plays an extensive repertoire for all ages, plus have agreed to learn some Christmas songs for your occasion. They’ve also agreed to dress up too! The band also supplies any disco/background music before, after and in between their performance set. Function bands are particularly suitable if you are looking to get your guests up on the dance floor for the evening, and are much more visual than a DJ.

Corporate Event Scenario 2

Your business has had a successful year and you want to further promote and celebrate with your business network. You’ve opted for an outside event, with a buffet instead of a formal sit-down meal, and you’d like to produce an air of professionalism and elegance for the event. A string quartet is situated in a shaded part of the grounds playing while your guests arrive, network and chat. This is the part of the event that you want to encourage, and a string quartet perfectly reflects the hosting company with an air of courteous charm and elegance – perfect to instigate some business discussions. As your buffet is served, you’ve opted for a Jazz swing band as your evening entertainment; a light-hearted style of music so as to not discourage your networking, and perfectly suitable for outdoor performance.

Corporate Event Scenario 3

You want to hold a company fun day to entertain your current staff and prospective clients and to further support your company brand. ‘Fun’ is the key word here, so think outside the box when looking at your party entertainment. Perhaps you decide to hire a tribute band? Abba, Queen, Blues Brothers….the list is endless! Perhaps bandeoke? There’s nothing more fun than singing karaoke with a live band! Or, perhaps you decide to go for a themed fun day? A big brass band would suit well a 50’s theme. A glam rock band would work great for an 80’s rock themed party, and Celidh band would be perfect if you wanted to create a barn-dance. You can also push the boat out and look into magicians or caricaturists for your event for that extra bit of effort.

To aid your decision-making, we’ve constructed a simple list of the types of entertainment available to hire for your corporate event. What best suits you?

  • Decades band (e.g. 50’s, 70’s)
  • Jazz bands
  • Swing bands
  • Folk bands
  • Celidh bands
  • Solo artists
  • Acoustic duos
  • Rock & pop function bands
  • Rock & Roll function bands
  • Disco, funk and soul function bands
  • Tribute bands
  • Novelty acts
  • Salsa, Latin and world music groups
  • Choirs and vocal groups
  • String Quartet
  • Harpists
  • Pianists
  • Classical guitarist
  • Pipers (e.g. bagpipes)
  • Military bands
  • Classical musicians
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