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Corporate Band Hire

Corporate Bands For Hire FAQ

Organising a corporate function can sometimes be as stressful as planning wedding.

There are a lot of important people to impress and the success of the function ultimately comes down to the entertainment you provide, and having the right type of music will determine between putting on an ‘ordinary’ event from an ‘unforgettable’ one.

Here are some general FAQs on how to book corporate bands for hire:

1. What type of band should I hire?

Think of any types/genre of music and undoubtedly there will be a band that can play it – from savvy salsa bands and rat pack big bands, to punchy funk and disco bands through to small jazz quartets, tribute bands and speciality bands. The choice is endless! However, that choice needs to complement your event – its purpose, the atmosphere you wish to create and the guest demographics.

2. What size band should I hire?

Quite often people seem to think that hiring a huge band will make the overall sound bigger and better. This is totally false. It is solely down to the skill of the musicians, however many there are, and the equipment they use to amplify their sound. When considering the size of a band, also check the space allowance in your venue – do they have a specific performance area or stage? You don’t want to end up booking a 9-piece function band if you’ve no room to fit them in!

3. What qualities should I look for in the band?

There are many factors to look for in a quality band, the first being the way they present and advertise themselves: do they have a professional looking website? Do they have a clear profile of promo pictures, videos and a list of their repertoire? Do they use good quality and PAT tested equipment and have reliable transport? Other important elements include looking at the band’s ability to perform – are they musically competent? Do they have great stage presence? Can they keep a night flowing by reading the crowd? Do they have a list of past performance reviews and testimonials?

4. Should I choose a live band or a DJ?

This question totally depends on your personal preference and your budget. Yes, a DJ is less expensive and takes up more space, BUT, it simply cannot recreate the atmosphere and energy from a live band. With live music, you get to see the music being created right in front of your eyes and witness true talent and skill, plus the fact that most bands come armed with their own digital music to play through their PA before, in between and after their set. It’s a win-win situation really!

5. Can I request some songs for the band to play?

Yes. If given reasonable notice, most bands are happy to learn some requested songs, however, remember to let the band choose the running order of their set – after all, they have the knowledge and experience of how to keep the night of music flowing well to keep your guests up on that dance floor.

6. What factors are behind the cost of the band?

Many people are surprised by the amount it costs to hire a band, but let’s think about the logic behind it: firstly, what are you paying for? You are paying for a certain amount of musicians (yes, real humans) to perform music live (some of which they might have specifically learnt for your event, costing them hours of practise and rehearsal time) and interact with your guests. Evidently, a 3-piece band will charge far less than a 7-piece band, based on the simple fact that you have less people to pay. However, other factors that affect the price of a band include: the date, the length of time of performance, the time to travel to and from venue, ease of loading equipment and parking access, whether or not they are required to arrive early for a morning set up, and the possibility of any specific requirements you may ask of the band.

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